Aslan’s Crazy World

Crazy World by Aslan

 A special performance as a gift to Christy Dignam (featuring Lámh sign language)


School of the Divine Child, Lavanagh Centre,

Scoil Ursula, Blackrock

and musicians Clodagh Kearney and Stephen Manning


Film created by Seán Downey ( @swaniguess )

Song recorded and produced by Alex Pacino Brady

Project coordinated by Clodagh Kearney


Presented in partnership with Music Generation Cork City, Cork Academy of Music and Music Mash Up

Supported by the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal Funds via the Community Foundation for Ireland and Music Generation’s Creativity and Collaboration Fund supported by Department of Education, Arts Council Ireland/An Chomhairle Ealaíon and the Ireland Funds.


Update – A reply from Billy McGuinness of Aslan! : 

We are blown away by this personal response to our ‘Crazy World’ video from Billy McGuinness on behalf of Aslan 🤩❤️

Thank you so much Billy and Aslan – your message means the world to us and to everyone involved!


The month of February has long been linked with the language of love, but in this exciting collaboration, it is the language of LÁMH that shares the message of friendship, solidarity and support, with a truly special rendition of the much beloved Aslan classic, “Crazy World”.

Pupils from School of the Divine Child, Lavanagh Centre and Scoil Ursula, Blackrock, Cork, joined forces to perform this beautiful song in a collaborative video, and they want to dedicate it to writer and performer, Christy Dignam, sending their message of hope to him.

This is the brain child of musician educator and performing artist, Clodagh Kearney, who admits to being a big Aslan fan. Along with her colleague Stephen Manning, who plays guitar on the track, the thought of bringing the two groups of young musicians together made so much sense.

Collaborations such as this are an important part of the Music Generation Cork City programme, where groups from different programmes can meet under the common banner of musical performance and experience new ways to express themselves creatively.

Put simply in Clodagh’s words: “This will be a collab video between Scoil Ursula and School of the Divine Child in Blackrock – a video of the kids all performing Aslan’s “Crazy World” together using Lámh signs as a special gift to Christy Dignam”

Outside of their work with MGCC, both Clodagh and Stephen, along with bandmate Tomás McCarthy, perform as Fire & Water. They have performed as an opening act for Aslan in Cyprus Avenue, and encountered Christy and Aslan on many occasions.

Clodagh said “We have always found Christy to be uncommonly kind over the years opening for him and encountering him, and the kids are absolutely loving Aslan music the last few years. And I’m amazed by the way he uses his hands when he’s performing – the gestures and everything, and the kids were always fascinated by it too, so we thought it’d be a really cool idea to bring the 2 schools together signing with Lámh and send it to Christy. The kids really think he’s class and so do we. So as he’s sick at the moment we just thought it might bring him a smile. “

Clodagh is a professional vocalist and multi-instrumentalist and a long-standing member of Music Generation Cork City’s musician educator team. Her cross-programme involvement sees her working with partner community music providers Cork Academy of Music, Music Mash Up and CDYS The Hut.

Stephen Manning began his Music Generation Cork City journey as a young participant, honing his musical craft. Now, a multi-instrumentalist also, he is one of the programmes very talented musician educator team!

Filmed by Seán Downey (@SwanIGuess – ) Song recorded & produced by Alex Pacino Brady. Project coordinated by Clodagh Kearney.

This project was supported by the RTÉ Toy Show Appeal Funds via the Community Foundation for Ireland

Special thanks to all the pupils who took part and their wonderful teachers, assistants and principals. 

And a special thank you to Christy Dignam and Aslan for the gift of your music and inspiration. With much love from all of us in Cork.


Aslan’s Crazy World – Music Generation Cork City