Programme Update – August 2020

Updated 24 August 2020

The Music Generation Cork City team has been working on developing all of the tools that we need to get back to work safely, phasing back to work in a live capacity gradually. We are developing these plans based on public health advice and best practice and we are keeping abreast of the schools’ situation as it develops.

Our goal is to get back to working in a live capacity as soon as possible, but our immediate priorities are to provide Covid induction training and any additional training supports and resources that will be needed by our Musician Educator team to deliver our programmes online, while continually working towards blended learning and ultimately get back in the room safely with our children and young people as soon as the situation allows.

What we are working on:

  • developing our COVID-19 Response Plan
  • updating our occupational health and safety risk assessments and safety statement.
  • addressing the level(s) of risk associated with various workplaces and work activities and conducting risk assessments
  • taking into account MGCC team-members’ individual risk factors (e.g. presence of underlying medical conditions, having close contact with very high risk family members etc.).
  • developing a response plan to deal with a suspected case of COVID-19 on site
  • putting in place necessary controls to address the risks identified (hand sanitisers, masks, antiviral supplies and PPE).
  • supports for the ME team and how to deal with suspected cases of Covid19 in the live setting
  • implementation of the measures necessary to reduce the spread of COVID-19, changing work patterns, etc.
  • developing plans and risk assessments in consultation with workers and communicating these once finalised.
  • continuing to improve delivery online with additional training and supports for the Musician Educator team

Thank you for your interest in MGCC – please get in touch if you have any questions in relation to our programmes on


Programme Update – August 2020 – Music Generation Cork City