Advanced Flute Workshops with Gareth McLearnon

Monday 29 June - Friday 25 September 2020

Although the Easter Flute Academy course had to be cancelled, Haynes Flutes  kindly sponsored one of their guest artists Gareth McLearnon, who provided MGCC with two free online Flute Workshops for flautists U18.
Gareth is an International performing Flautist and Haynes European Artist in Residence. He is in worldwide demand for his engaging, innovative and entertaining teaching style.

Find out more about Gareth here
Performance clips: https://

• The Whistle Stop Tour of Extended Techniques – A “flutes out” interactive exploration of 20 of the most common extended techniques for the flute.
• Demystifying Great Flute Tone – A “flutes out” tone clinic/forum – exploring ideas of fundamental flute tone, breathing, posture, vibrato, and myth-busting.

These workshops took place on Friday 29th of May and 5th of June at 12-1 pm on Zoom and had a whopping 80+ young participiants!

With the concerted efforts of lead tutor Oisin McGill, who went to huge lengths to ensure these sessions could be realised, even in a pandemic, this masterclass series was made possible. A special thanks to his colleague, Louise Sheehan, for her assistance also.

And finally, a massive MGCC wave a gratitude to the wonderful, the talented and very gracious Gareth MacLearnon for his dedication and professionalism – míle buíochas!

Advanced Flute Workshops with Gareth McLearnon – Music Generation Cork City