We Are Cork Youth Challenge

Tuesday 23 June - Thursday 20 August 2020

We are delighted to be contributing musical challenges to the We Are Cork Youth Challenge – a unique summer programme that gives young people, aged from 13 to 18 years, the opportunity to showcase existing skills, learn or experience something new. Young people will experience challenges across 6 themes:

  • Music;
  • Arts;
  • Society;
  • Environment;
  • Sport;
  • Technology.

There will be 30 challenges, with young people completing 20. This gives them the option to choose or take a pick and mix approach.

The Challenge will run from 23rd June to 20th August 2020.

The initiative was developed in response to COVID-19 and the fact that many of the summer camps, programmes, and activities have been cancelled. Cork Sports Partnership, Music Generation Cork City and Cork City Arts Office and Libraries have also come on board to host and support challenges with exciting resources and live online workshops.

To find out more & register to take part go here: https://www.corkcity.ie/corkcityco/en/council-services/news-room/latest-news/lord-mayor-launches-we-are-cork-summer-youth-challenge.html

We Are Cork Youth Challenge – Music Generation Cork City