Faoin Spéir

Faoin Spéir featuring…

Misneach, The Kabin Crew & Co at Wandesford Quay Courtyard

Sat. 27th August 2022

A showcase of young songwriters, rappers, singers and musicians from the Kabin Studio (supported by Music Generation Cork City) plus songwriting, rap & recording workshops


o 12pm to 1pm – Open Songwriting / Rap / Beats / Recording Workshop for all ages

o 1pm to 2pm – Showcase performance from Kabin Crew and co.

o 2pm to 3pm – Open Songwriting / Rap / Beats / Recording Workshop for all ages

o 3pm to 4pm/5pm – Showcase performance from Kabin Crew and co.


FREE EVENT but requires booking via Eventbrite here

Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent.


The Kabin Studio is a youth music & creative hub in the Northside of Cork City that works with young people to help express themselves through music, songwriting, rap, digital media, podcasts and acting. The young rappers and singers have released multiple singles and music videos (eg. The Misneach Project, Kabin Crew – Ya Boy, The Kabinologists), featured on The Late Late Toy Show and other TV and radio shows, and performed at Joy in the Park, Cork Midsummer Fest, Irish Music Week & Cork Pride Fest. Join us for an afternoon of performances and interactive songwriting workshops which are sure to be a treat for the whole family.

This event is supported by Backwater Artists Group, Cork Printmakers, the Lavit Gallery and Cork City Council Arts Office through the Arts Council of Ireland’s In The Open – Faoin Spéir  award: A curated programme of multi-disciplinary, inclusive arts activities in community outdoor spaces in towns and communities around Ireland.

Faoin Spéir – Music Generation Cork City