Lockdown Soundz – Found Sounds Composition

It has arrived – our first Lockdown Soundz video is hot of the press!! Featuring the found sounds of young musicians from all over the city, we are so impressed with what sounds were found in peoples’ homes! Put together so professionally by our superstar producer JJ Riordan and with support from Leah Hearne, both of whom are MGCC musician educators, this sound compilation illustrates just how musical the world we live in can be.

A huge thank you to all of our young contributors – their found sounds have made this the magical piece of music that this is – we hope you like it!

What is Lockdown Soundz?

Lockdown Soundz is a new, creative, musical experience series designed to engage our young musicians and their families into making music in explorative ways while at home, during the “lockdown”.

The first in this series is our “found sounds” compilation, featured above. While we were all staying safe at home we thought it would be fun to get curious about our home environment and see what kind of sounds we could make…who new there were that many musical things lying around the house!

And there will be more…

Below is the call out that got this whole thing started – also still very catchy!

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Video editing by JJ Riordan – see JJ’s amazing channel here

Lockdown Soundz – Found Sounds Composition – Music Generation Cork City