Aaron Hennessy

February 2020

Aaron is learning traditional Irish music through Creative Tradition in partnership with Music Generation Cork City at St. Mary's on the Hill NS, Knocknaheeny.

“In the future I might be one of the best bodhrán players in Ireland”.


What instrument do you play- Bodhrán


How long have you been playing it– Two years


Did you pick it yourself, or did someone give it to you?

I picked it myself. Because my cousin used to play and I liked her playing it. I like drums and this is kind of like a drum.


Who’s your teacher?

My class teacher is Ms Dennehy and my bodhrán teacher is Karl [Nesbitt]


Do you prefer playing on your own or with a group –

Group- it sounds better with more people. There’s a trad choir. We sing Christmas songs and Irish songs, ‘The Little Beggar Man’, ‘Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears’ and ‘The Star of the County Down’ is my favourite. I can play that on the bodhrán. I like the beats of it-it’s fast. We went to the Health Centre and played for old people with sicknesses, and Glow.


Is there another instrument you’d like to play?

The piano.


Is there someone you like?

Youtuber, he plays all different kinds of songs on it.


Does anyone in your family play music?

My sister Shayna. She sings pop songs ‘Dance Monkey’, ‘Lucid Dreams’, stuff on the radio. I sing other songs too. My favourite is ‘Old Town Road’.


Has anything changed since you started playing?

My hand movement – it gets faster. When I started I was doing slow beats and now I can do fast beats and my hand is moving quicker. There’s four people in my group and Karl teaches us beats. He does it first and then there’s a line, the first person does it, then it goes on and goes on.

Another type of music I like is rap music. I like Bars and Melody. It’s fast.

Aaron Hennessy – Music Generation Cork City