Adam Hennessy

March 2018

Adam Seán Hennessy, age 9, is in 4th Class at Scoil Íosagáin, Farranree. He recently took part in a ‘Cork Community Gamelan’ workshop at Hollyhill Library, presented by Music Generation Cork City in partnership with UCC. Adam also sings, plays guitar and tin whistle at school.

I was surprised when I first saw the gamelan. We all had to take off our shoes, and we got to choose an instrument. There were xylophone things, bell things, gongs, time-keeping stuff and drums.

We made up our own song, and we were thinking of a name for it. I suggested ‘The Aloose Orchestra’, but we haven’t chosen one yet. ‘Aloose’ just means to ‘chill out’.

Near the end, it was starting to sound great! We’re going back for another workshop next week, and it should be the same group of 12 boys again… depending on our behaviour!

When I was in 2nd class, we made 3 rap songs with Garry (GMC Beats) – one about our names, one about a monster party, and one about potatoes!

I’ll be singing with my class and playing guitar at the Cór Fhéile next week on my birthday. I learn guitar for an hour on Thursdays. My family think I’m great at the guitar and tin whistle.

I play music in school, but I don’t play music with friends outside of school yet because my closest friends live far away from me, like I live down Farranree and my best friend lives up by Lidl.

If I were to recommend an instrument, I wouldn’t say the tin whistle as you can run out of breath too easy, a piano takes up too much space, and as for a gamelan, well I don’t think you’re gonna get the money to buy one! So maybe either an electric keyboard or a guitar. My mam is thinking of getting me an organ for my birthday.

I like different types of music, depending on what song really. I do like slow songs, because it’s like with the gamelan, they’re just to relax. And then when I’m in a good mood, I like the fast songs, because they keep your energy going. It depends on your mood.



Adam Hennessy – Music Generation Cork City