Anna Gildroy

February 2019

Anna Gildroy is 12 years old and a 1st Year student in Coláiste Daibhéad. She is learning guitar at the Mahon Community Hub, which is a pop/rock music programme run by Music Generation Cork City in partnership with Cork Academy of Music.

“I know how to play guitar and piano accordion, but I especially love playing guitar. My brother had a toy one when I was younger & I just picked it up and started playing with it and just knew I wanted to learn more. I started getting lessons with various teachers, because some of them moved to China with their band. Then I came to Mahon Community Hub and Stephen and Andrew teach me now.

My preferred style is pop and my favourite artists are David Bowie, Queen and Neil Young. At the moment I’m learning Ziggy Stardust. We’ve also just started learning “Another One Bites the Dust” with the band ensemble. At home I spend time practicing, because that’s how I get better at the tricky stuff like bar chords. That way I don’t have to look at the chords anymore, I can just do them.

My first ever performance was in a folk club in Wales – my Mom had encouraged me to go up, but I was really nervous. In the end I did and was so glad – it was a great experience. Now I go busking in the city centre. I had seen people busking and thought it looked really good for their confidence, so last St. Patricks Day I went out and busked. It was amazing! I’ve gone out a few times since. My favourite spot is Winthrop Street. One time I busked in Los Angeles (we were on holiday there) and a lady gave me $50! One of my favourite songs to play out busking is “Bad Moon Rising” by Creedance Clearwater Revival.

What I like about playing guitar is it gives me something to do that I enjoy. Instead of watching TV, I’ll pull out my guitar and play or practice. Sometimes at home my family will sing along. In Mahon Community Hub we also get to play together and sing together like a real band.

I hope I’ll always have music in my life. Music really inspires me – instead of doing sports and things, I’ve chosen music and I’m really happy about that.

Anna Gildroy – Music Generation Cork City