Cara Cullen

August 2017

Cara Cullen, age 12, plays trad music with Club Ceoil Knocknaheeny (run by Creative Tradition in partnership with Music Generation Cork City). Club Ceoil Knocknaheeny made history recently by becoming the first ever trad group from Knocknaheeny to perform at the All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil. Aida chatted with Cara before she departed for the Fleadh:

My main instrument now is the flute. I used to only play the bodhrán, but my friends Aoife and Sophie were playing the flute, and whenever I’d ask them for a turn, I’d be able to do a perfect note, so I was like “I kinda wanna try flute!”

We played at the Munster Fleadh in July. The trad session was my favourite bit because everyone got to join in and play together. There was one woman playing the spoons, which was really cool! And we played one of my favourite songs from the bit in ‘Titanic’ when they’re all dancing (John Ryan’s Polka).

We’re going to Ennis for the All Ireland Fleadh Cheoil, and we’ll be playing the gig rig and a few trad sessions. I’m really excited!

I play different types of music too. I sing pop songs and play drums & keyboard with SoundOUT. Whenever me and my mom go to Galway to visit my cousins, we always have UB40 or the Wolfetones playing in the car.

Apparently I’m a good singer! I’ve always loved singing, dancing and music since I was really small. My dad sings like Paolo Nutini, and he’s really good at playing the guitar.

About a year ago, my little brother got to sing ‘Wagon Wheel’ on stage with Nathan Carter at the Opera House. We’ve met him so many times that when I see him now, I’m just like ‘Oh hi Nathan!’

Music literally is my life. I sing every single day. I really wanted to play music when I was younger, and now I’m doing it. So if you just keep working really hard, you can make your dreams a reality too.

Cara Cullen – Music Generation Cork City