Clodagh & Doireann

July 2017

Sisters Clodagh (14) and Doireann (18) take part in Music Mash Up in partnership with Cope Foundation, three Foroige projects in Mayfield, Voices of Cork and Music Generation Cork City. They have been attending the Music Mash Up sessions every Wednesday for the last two years.

Clodagh: I was about 12 when I started at Music Mash Up. I had never done music before that. I’m learning the piano. I was very interested in the piano, to see how it worked and to figure out how to play it.

I like our teachers in Mash Up. It doesn’t really matter what experience they have, as long as they know what they’re doing and they’re fun at the same time.

I am really excited for the summer camp this year, it’s going to be amazing! Just learning everything, and the big concert on the last day, and getting to know loads of new people.


Doireann: I would’ve been about 15 or 16 when I started in Music Mash Up. I had done music as a junior cert subject in school, and then it stopped in fourth year, which is when I actually joined Mash-Up, so I had the balance of music in school and music at home, so it kind of worked out in my favour.

I started getting bass lessons, but now I mostly sing, a lot! I didn’t really choose to learn the bass, in ways it was like the bass chose me. It was offered to me, so I was like, I’ll give it a try. Then with the singing, that’s another funny story! Basically they needed someone to fill in and they were kind of poking me the whole time to go for it, so I decided to do it, now they won’t let me not sing! I had to have someone stand next to me the first time because I was so scared, it was fun, but it was quite nerve wracking. I’ve done a bit of work to keep the nerves in your feet, instead of letting them travel through your whole body so you don’t end up shaking.


How has your time with Music Mash Up affected your life?

Clodagh: I’d say it has given me more confidence.

Doireann: Yeah, I’d have to second that one. It’s also given me the chance the try things I wouldn’t have necesserarily have done on my own, so it’s great!

I would say if anybody has even the slightest interest in music, it’s a great way to broaden your musical horizons and try and meet new friends, but also to play music, possibly start music groups and learn new techniques and new instruments. It’s a great way to get involved in different styles of music as well.


What do you see in your future with music?

Clodagh: I think I just want to finish learning the piano, and see if I can do something with that.

Doireann: I plan to do a couple of open mike nights around the place and hopefully someday someone will see me, even for a few small wedding gigs, I would love to just sing for a living, it would be so much fun.


Is it a very musical home?

Clodagh (to Doireann): It’s mostly just you.

Doireann: Yeah, it gets annoying after a while I get told..

Codagh: …Yeah.

Doireann: I can’t help it!


Clodagh & Doireann – Music Generation Cork City