Donna Lynch

March 2020

Donna Lynch is 16 years old and is a Transition Year student in St.Aloysius secondary school on Sharmon Crawford Street, Cork. She is a trumpet player in Cork Barracks Street Band.



‘I’ve been learning trumpet since 4th class. We were given the chance to try out a selection of different brass and wind instruments at that time through Music Generation and Barrack Street Band. I just loved the sound of the trumpet from the start, so that’s why I chose it. My tutor at the time, Claire Spillane, was so encouraging – I was able perform within a year.


When I moved to secondary school, I started to do the after-school classes in Deerpark with Mick Long and conductor, Noel Galvin. I graduated from junior band to youth band around then. I recently moved up to senior band, which was quite scary at first, as none of my friends were ready to do it. But my band leader Noel suggested that we go for it and I am so glad I did.


Being part of the senior band means playing at a whole other level. The quality of sound is so good. I’m really enjoying it. We play all sorts of music, but my favourite styles would be 80’s flashback – songs from the 80’s, like Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


Back in October I took part in a 3-day brass & wind event in Waterford called Brass Off – it was an incredible experience. We got to work with a guest band leader, Darcy Voigt. We learned a lot from her, the way she teaches, she was used to big groups – everyone listened to her!


Recently, I did work experience with Music Gen Cork City – I know I want music in my future, so my mom & I thought it would be a good idea. I really enjoyed the experience.


My dream is to study music in Cork School of Music. I know that I will always have music in my life.’

Donna Lynch – Music Generation Cork City