Sima Manuel

October 2017

Sima Manuel, age 16, from Angola, is learning music with Music in Community (MiC) in partnership with Music Generation Cork City.

I moved here to Ireland with my Dad last January. In Angola, I sang in church every Sunday with the choir. There were singers of all ages in our group. I sang in Portuguese in Angola, but here the songs are in English, so it’s still a little difficult, but I am learning. All my friends in Angola sang, and we all loved singing together!

I like singing all types of music, especially pop and rock. I have a few favourite singers and bands, like Coldplay, and I enjoy watching The Voice on TV.

Music here in school is good. Our teacher gives me the lyrics. I study them every day, and on Tuesdays I sing with him and with the group. I’ve also started to learn piano, which I really like.

There are 7 people in my music group, 2 girls and 5 boys. We have people from Peru, Romania and Germany, and music is a great way for us to collaborate. I’ve written songs since joining the group, which is something I had never done before. Our group plays instruments like piano and guitar.

My dream is to have a career as an engineer when I am older, and I will always sing too for fun.

When I sing, I feel really well. I relax, think positively and feel great!


Sima Manuel – Music Generation Cork City