Tamara & Prieye

August 2019

Tamara (16yrs) and Prieye (15yrs) Eyitemi are sisters and students of Mount Mercy College. The girls recently attended the GMC Beats and Cork Migrant Centre Urban Music Summer Workshops in Nano Nagle Place. The workshops were run in partnership with Music Generation Cork City.

Tamara – I was interested in taking part in this camp because I always liked pop music, but just couldn’t find any interesting camps to go to. Then my dad told me about this one, so I decided to give it a try. I go to a dance class weekly with Andrea (Williams) and she is also working on this camp. She’s amazing!

Prieye – I’ve always really been interested in dance and music and always loved expressing myself through those two things. This is a really interesting place to go to, to make friends and get better at what I am doing. The recording, dj-ing and putting tracks together has been so interesting.

Tamara – I’ve been working with a thing called “LaunchPad” where I can build a piece of music, using different instrument sounds and beats. You can record vocals over it. We created a small song together already and it sounds really good. I sang the hook of the song! Garry (GMC) and Stevie (G) have been teaching us how to construct the songs, how to fit lyrics into a bar. It’s really interesting, because I do want to write my own music. This has given me the opportunity to learn what to do.

Prieye – We both like to sing and since getting involved in this camp, we think we’d like to get a keyboard, so we can learn how to play, maybe get some lessons. I was involved in the TY production of Wicked in my school in February and played the Wizard of Oz. The camp has given me another chance to sing, dance and perform.

Tamara – Whenever I’m performing I feel like there’s a new side of me that’s revealed. I feel free and happy. So many different emotions, but all good.

Prieye – I have found this to be a really great environment to be around. If it’s dance or singing or music you want to do, there’s a place for you here. And it’s a great way to make friends!

Tamara & Prieye – Music Generation Cork City