Trisha Sexton

June 2018

Trisha Sexton is a drummer, rapper, singer and songwriter, learning music at the Kabin Studios, Knocknaheeny (Mondays) and Music Mash Up (Wednesdays), in partnership with Music Generation Cork City.

I started drumming last year at the Music Mash Up summer camp, and have been drumming ever since with my teacher Davie (Ryan). It’s hard sometimes because I have dyspraxia but I’ve been trying to do it my own way, and I practise until I get it right.

With Garry (GMC Beats Workshops), I write and sing my own songs, and I work with other people on their songs and make tracks with them. Last night I started learning how to make beats too.

Last year I was attending the rap summer camp at the Kabin, and I was supposed to be attending but I actually ended up helping out the youngsters ‘cause they heard my stuff and then they asked me to help them, so I’d work with them separately, and they’d come out with a song. I’ll be helping at Foróige music summer camps this year too.

This time last year, we performed our song ‘Reach Out, Speak Out’ on the Ray D’Arcy Saturday Night Show on RTE, which was brilliant, and we met two stars from Fair City. (Search ‘Foróige Mayfield Reach Out Speak Out’ on to view the music video)

Mostly the songs I write are personal. The recent song I wrote about my foster mom helped me so much. The first line of it is ‘Today was the day I went down to your grave, but I don’t want to see your name in that place’.

I performed it at the Rap-a-Mile, and my sister and brother came to see me. I grew up with my brother rapping, so then when he was there listening to that song about our foster mom, it was so nice. And my sister even came to see me perform at The English Market with her baby.

Two days after the Rap-a-Mile, my brother wrote a song about our foster mom too, and posted it online, and said he was inspired by me to do it. He said if I didn’t post my video, he wouldn’t have written or posted his. I was very proud, and said “after all the years you said I couldn’t sing, and now you’re getting inspiration from me like!”

Trisha Sexton – Music Generation Cork City