‘Pass the Baton’ collaboration

Not ones to let a pandemic get in the way of making some cool music, the children and young people on our programmes around the city have been busy, working closely with their Musician Educators and learning new technologies, while connecting with other young musicians as part of a new initiative we are calling the ‘Pass the Baton’ collaboration.

Simply put, it’s a cross-programme collaboration, using the very clever Soundtrap software, which allows users to work together on a musical piece online, passing the arrangement back and forth via the software, so that a song is constructed, track by track, with multiple people involved, lending their skills, adding their inspiration.

So far, we have had rock, pop, rap, trad elements melding together on original pieces and we are very excited to hear the final mixes.

Stay tuned – we’ll be sharing these collaborations very soon!

‘Pass the Baton’ collaboration – Music Generation Cork City