Summer SING!

ARTlifeCULTURE is an international youth arts company based in Cork. Since 2008, ARTlifeCULTURE has designed and delivered collaborative children’s and youth arts programmes in various countries around the world. ARTlifeCULTURE facilitates the artistic expressions of children and young people, guiding them and supporting them in their creative process, and producing professional contemporary Irish art for international audiences.

Partnership with Music Generation Cork City

ARTlifeCULTURE presents ‘summer SING!’ in partnership with Music Generation Cork City and Cork City’s cultural, education and inclusion sectors and international arts partners.

Summer SING! is an annual week-long, international and inclusive children’s singing festival. It sees 350 children embrace the rich heritage and culture of Cork City while nurturing their natural singing ability. Summer SING’s child and youth-centred approach emphasises equality of access and quality of process.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in volunteering your time or skills, working with ARTlifeCULTURE, or are a young person interested in attending summer SING!, please see / contact Sonya Keogh.


Civic Trust House,
50 Popes Quay, Cork


Phone: (0)21 421 5103 | 087 709 6811


ARTlifeCULTURE – Music Generation Cork City