summer SING! is a children’s and youth singing festival. This year’s event was a completely new experience for seasoned summerSINGERS! and a really engaging learning and performance experience for new recruits.

This year, whole families and households signed up to participate in a week of learning experiences, leading up to the release of the newly composed festival song, ‘Stand with Me’, accompanied by dance moves choreographed and learned through TikTok!

Households were able to access tailored online resources helping them to learn the 2020 festival song, capturing their participation via audio tracks, video and photography. MGCC musician educator JJ Riordan then combined the participant contributions to form the unique summer SING! 2020 Finale Song Video! JJ is usually to be found on our Cork Community Gamelan Programme but whose talents have been redeployed into video editing and composition lately.

There are two fantastic pieces of music created from this week:

summerSING! Found Sounds Composition 


‘Stand With Me’, the Festival Final Song, accompanied by ISL singers and new dance choreography!

Here’s a behind the scenes of the process of making the tutorial videos for those of you that are interested in the process of adapting a live festival to an online platform.

Summer Sing is produced by ARTlifeCULTURE in partnership with Music Generation Cork City, Arts Council Ireland, Cork City Council Arts Office, University College Cork and Sing Ireland.
“Stand with Me” is performed by Joe Keniry, Dylan Howe and the AiR by artlifeculture ensemble (see, with video edit, sound mix and master by JJ Riordan featuring festival participating households’ submissions.
The song was written by Joe Keniry, Sonya Keogh and the AiR ensemble. Sound recording by Joe Keniry. Original mix and master by Joe Keniry and Tim Phillips. Produced by ARTlifeCULTURE©2020.
summerSING!2020 – Music Generation Cork City