We Are Music Generation


We Are Music Generation national celebration has officially kicked off with two amazing events!

On Saturday 2nd March, children and young people from across the country travelled in their droves to the Convention Centre Dublin for a national gathering and celebration of what it means to be in Music Generation.

Hundreds of young musicians from Music Generation programmes all over Ireland were treated to live performances from their peers, workshops, seisúins and creative idea-storms. The building was a-buzz with activity all day long! From impromptu collaborations, to crowd-participation performances, this truly was a celebration of youth music and expression.

Following on from the epic happenings on Saturday 2nd March, attention turned to discussions around Access, Artistry and Advocacy at Music Generation’s National Conference on Tuesday 5th March. In the lofty halls of Dublin Castle, attendees were treated to a selection of superb musical performances from young musicians from around the country, including our very own Kabin Studio, featuring Misneach and Sophia, who closed out proceedings with aplomb.

The discussions throughout the day from guest speakers, including Martin Drury and Dr. Patricia Flynn, both inspired and illuminated the gathering, covering important ground around sustainability, inclusion and the power of music in a young person’s life. With powerful accounts from young musicians currently attending Music Generation programmes, to testimonials from talented alumni, there was no shortage of affirmations around the efficacy of the work and the transcendental mark music has made on these young peoples lives. Summed up so beautifully in the words of our very own Heidi White (11) from the Kabin Studio -“Music is what I do for a living, like a job but for a child – it’s the centre of my life,”.

Another highlight from the day was the heartfelt video message sent by to U2’s Adam Clayton and Edge, who cite Music Generation of one of their proudest achievements!

Irish Independent feature – Wed. 13th March 2024

We are excited to see what the year will bring, as there are plans afoot for celebrations all around the country! Stay tuned for more info to follow!

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